Parrots of Ookayama 4

Episode 3 Episode 4: Kayoko Kida, a.k.a. Mama It was in the clear day light that Kayoko Kida got out of a taxi with both hands full of plastic shopping bags. The driver had offered her help, which she had declined. After the taxi drove away, Kayoko, carrying all the bags herself, climbed the steps… Continue reading Parrots of Ookayama 4

Parrots of Ookayama 3

Episode 2 Episode 3: Yukiko's jobs Yukiko Ohta juggled two jobs. One was a full-time job at a wine importer. She chose it because the company traded Italian wines. She was hardly a wine connoisseur, or even much of a wine drinker, but she loved hearing all the Italian words: Toscana, Nebbilo, Abboccato, Brunello di… Continue reading Parrots of Ookayama 3

Parrots of Ookayama 2

Episode 1 Episode 2: Shoko in Ookayama Alan could not allow Shoko to do nothing. So he asked her to beautify their apartment in Ookayama. She wasn’t particularly good or bad at it. But it wasn’t enough to fill her days. The problem was that their apartment was already furnished and she wasn’t bothered by… Continue reading Parrots of Ookayama 2

Parrots of Ookayama 1

Episode 1 : Going to Tokyo Shoko was flying from Toronto to Tokyo, waking up to the muffled engine. The airplane was bouncing a little. Somewhere in the cabin, a baby was crying. Her entire body ached. The stale air amplified her discomfort. She was desperate for fresh air. One eye opened, and met the… Continue reading Parrots of Ookayama 1